XML conversion

XML or extensible markup language is one of the most powerful and versatile cross-platform publishing formats used for information storage and display on the web. eARK has the experience and the knowhow to complete XML conversion projects in the desired time and with desired quality. Our experienced data conversion experts can efficiently complete conversion of various kinds of document formats into XML, that includes: Text to XML, Word to XML, PDF to XML, HTML to XML, Excel to XML and RTF to XML.

e-books(e-Pub & mobi)

We are capable of handling complex content and layouts, and can create ePub and Mobi (Application files, Word document, scanned pages, hard copy, PDF documents, custom XML) compatible with several mobile devices. Our rich experience of working with different clients has allowed us to be efficient at handling various types of characters and layouts.

e-books(fixed layout e-pub and KF8 mobi)

ePub is a valuable digital format to repurpose printed books and works well for text and low graphic images. But when the focus is on high-end graphics and images, Apple’s Fixed Layout ePubs for iPhone/iPad is an apt solution to achieve the best user experience. eARK can develop Fixed Layout ePubs for publishers at a competitive cost and in quick time.

e-book apps(iOS, Android)

eARK e-books, a one-stop software solution for all your e-book needs. The app supports the complete eARK e-book experience with both iOS and Android. It lets you read your favorite e-book. The app supports e pub, mobi, pdf, cbr formats. It eliminates the constraints of proprietary file formats and distribution strategies.


ePDF helps the pages look exactly like those of your print book but with an added navigation panel and hyperlinks to make searching the file that bit easier. Send us your print book for conversion. If you do not have print version, we will first prepare and style your book as a PDF ready for conversion with cover, hyperlinks, navigation, resizing and watermark.


We offer professional quality PSD to HTML / CSS and PSD to XHTML /CSS conversions services to help different agencies and designers. We have the best designers here at eARK who can cope up with your requirements and can assure you with PSD to HTML conversion, offering latest HTML versions, manually done coded markups, Java Script Implementation etc.


With years of experience in the print and publishing industry, eARK is a clear choice for customers for digitization or imaging projects. We can: Scan and digitise new information Digitise existing paper documents Archive for maximum security and accessibility We offer: Bulk scanning of archived documents Same-day scanning of new documents as part of your workflow On-demand scanning of paper records stored with us OCR text rendering – Our software can extract data from forms automatically, and can even read barcodes and handwriting Best practices for document security, access, and compliance