Copy editing

Our expert copy editors can help you produce great content regardless of whether you’re writing a book, a business presentation, a web content or an academic article. Work with us under a strict non-disclosure agreement and store all your files behind 256-bit security.

Proof reading

Our professional Proof Reading services are designed for quality-conscious writers requiring a thorough language check of their work. Papers submitted to our service are returned free from language errors such as spelling mistakes, grammar, punctuation errors, and typos.


We offer typesetting for Authors, Scientific, Technical and Medical Publishers, Academic Staff and any companies and individuals requiring high-quality, low cost and fast turn-around typesetting services. Our professional typesetters will take your manuscript file and craft a layout design that matches the theme and genre of your work. Our range of offerings covers everything from print and digital publishing solutions.

Word conversion (word typesetting)

We provide cost effective and rigorous composition services for typesetting, image editing and typing services for both print and electronic media. Catering to different range of services we support different publishing customers with efficient use of our resources. Some of our composition services are:- Typesetting from manuscript Data capture and conversion Editorial services comprising technical editing, copy editing, and substantive editing Design and graphics services, including scanning, file conversion, redrawing and relabeling of artwork Electronic content delivery

Content writing

Our highly experienced and qualified team of writers offers end-to-end content writing services. Our coverage spans multiple industry verticals. Be it B2C or B2B audience you want to target, our content is developed as per your target audience. We develop content for websites, corporate brochures, white papers, newsletters, press releases and e-mails based on your target readers.


At eARK, Alt-Text service is available across all disciplines. We have an expert team of writers who can write alt-text for any kind of images providing its eloquent details. Our experts also have hands-on experience writing alt-text for all images for the academic levels as well. Apart from providing you with the top-notch services, we make sure that its free from grammatical and spelling errors. We will make your work easy by customizing at your needs.

Print ready pdf

Creating a PDF is the easiest way to ensure that your document will get sent to the printer with all its pieces correctly in place. Many publishers use PDFs to streamline their review and production cycles. Numerous magazines and newspapers have adopted PDF as the standard format for delivering advertisements to local publishing offices via satellite or ISDN lines. eARK will help you create print ready PDF that lets you to instantly view an advertisement exactly as it was designed, make late-stage text edits, and reliably print from any computer.

Accessibility pdf (pdf conversion)

PDF documents may have special problems on accessibility. To overcome this eARK have developed techniques use original authoring or with the help of Adobe tools. Understanding the technical standards we have dedicated ourselves to comply with all professional requirements. We help our customers in automating the creation and delivering the accessible documents.

Language translation

Language Translation is an inevitable requirement to communicate with your target audience in and across the world. eARK is a certified translation service company in India, a premier provider of translation services. eARK enjoys an international reputation of being socially responsible company involved in promotion and development of language translation works within India and across the globe. Our quality make sure that the translated text contains the highest degree of quality and accuracy.

Cover design

We create cover designs for ebooks, paperback books, hardcover wraps, audio books and box set design. We use our professional design experience, software, and equipment to create stand-alone book covers and consistent designs across book series. We make sure that all of the elements of our book cover designs are cohesive and refined with attention to composition, readability and visual appeal.

Art work (all types of image work)

eARK has mastered the balance of art and science needed for creating effective design on a tight budget. Whether you are creating a brand or transforming one, we can handle the most demanding assignments and offer you the best creative design services at lightning-fast turnaround time. With our highly-skilled team we can help you make a winning first impression.