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Animation & Interactive Books

We excel in crafting enhanced interactive eBooks capable of delivering a great reading experience in vibrant animations, transitions and transformations that create a positive impact on the readers.

We provide interactive conversions through ePub or HTML5 technology format based on the requirement. We leverage the features of CSS3 and HTML5 to create awe-inspiring highly interactive eBooks by embedding multimedia. Our team provides voice-overs for scripts and is proficient in audio and video editing, 3D animation and graphics creation.

Creating Artwork / Illustration from its original source. Artwork / Illustration touch up (for Photographs, Logos, Illustrations, Icons, Cartoons etc.) Artwork – Character Development for Cartoons, Different views and expressions Animation – 2D and 3D (Technical, Medical, Industrial, Advertisements, Film making, Episodes/Series, Scenario based, Culturally correct) Animation – Adding special Effects for Videos/Movies Game Character Design and Animation Audio and video editing, mixing, format conversion, compression and optimizing

Mobile Learning

M-learning is convenient in that it is accessible from virtually anywhere. Sharing is almost instantaneous among everyone using the same content, which leads to the reception of instant feedback and tips.

This highly active process has proven to increase exam scores from the fiftieth to the seventieth percentile, and cut the dropout rate

We at eARK develop true multi-device learning that takes advantage of the affordances of the devices a course is designed for, such as Performance support in time Tools for beating the ‘forgetting curve’, distributed practice sessions could include repeated reinforcement of concepts covered in a formal learning module, in the form of case studies, quizzes or mini-games sent out to learners at regular intervals Micro-learning modules that learners can take at their own time and pace, such as a video explaining negotiation basics for learners to go through before a face-to- face session

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